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Lunch & Learn for NuFACE device
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Monday, August 5, 2019

NuFACE®, leader in innovative, at-home Microcurrent Skincare™, is excited to announce its partnership with Bergamos Retreat for an exclusive Pop-Up Spa experience. NuFACE’s line of award-winning, Fitness For Your Face™ products, including the Trinity Facial Toning Device, NuBODY Skin Toning Device and newly launched FIX™ Line Smoothing Device, are all FDA-cleared and clinically shown to help improve skin’s appearance, providing both visibly instant results and cumulative benefits.

By private invite only:

On August 5th, NuFACE will be taking over the Bergamos Spa Retreat event center during a private luncheon while a NuFACE representative demonstrates our signature microcurrent treatments, clinically shown to improve facial contour and tone the neck, cheeks and forehead and revitalize eyes & lips for immediate and lasting results. The lunch cost $15 and payable at entry.

“A collaboration between NuFACE and Bergamos Retreat was a seamless fit,” says Donna Savelle, master esthetician and trainer for Bergamos. "NuFACE's microcurrent technology works to lift, tone and contour your facial muscles while at home, enhancing our professional facial treatments."

About NuFACE®

NuFACE® was launched by aesthetician Carol Cole and her daughters Tera Peterson and Kimberly Morales in 2005 to provide clients with an accessible, at-home version of the microcurrent treatments Carol had provided to her clients for over 30 years. NuFACE® offers four microcurrent devices for the face —NuFACE Trinity® Device, NuFACE Trinity® Pro, NuFACE Mini and NuFACE FIX™—as well NuBODY®, a microcurrent device for the body. For more information about NuFACE, or follow @mynuface on Instagram.


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Monday, August 5, 2019
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