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3 Great Treatments on the Sand
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poultice stamp quartz table treatment
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All Quartz Table treatments are 80 minutes for $220



Feels like you’re lying on a beach…. Ancient Egyptians first used warm sand therapy to treat a variety of ills.  Our modern version of sand/quartz therapy invites you to rest on a bed of clean, pure, softly heated sand, molding to your body and creating a cocoon of warmth as your therapist kneads out your tight muscles and helps your knots melt away.  Any massage is taken to the next level on this German engineered quartz table -- filled with clean, pure crystal amethyst quartz sand -- that integrates aromatherapy, inversion therapy and undulating massage.  


Make the most of your time “on the sand” by enhancing your quartz table treatment with Singing Bowls.  Research has shown that the sound waves from the Tibetan bowls actually resonate through your body to the soft, receptive sand.  The rich blend of harmonic tones first helps balance your chakras and switch to Theta brainwave frequencies, ideal for reaching a meditative state.  Other benefits include: promoting deep relaxation while decreasing stress and anxiety, stimulating the immune system and improving circulation and blood flow.


Your therapist can target specific reflex zones of the body with these soft, natural cloth pouches filled with warm quartz and fragrant aromatherapy oils.  Using synchronized massage techniques – from gentle touch to press and lift to vigorous tapping -- the heat-retaining poultices work on the entire energy flow of the body to reduce muscle contraction, relieve aching joints, increase blood flow, stretch tight connective tissue and positively affect the internal organs.
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Quartz Sand table
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