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Esthetician's Blog for Summer Months
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Now that we are in the full heat/ humidity of our Texas summers there’s a few helpful tips to keep your skin hydrated and protected.  First thing we recommend is to schedule a complimentary skincare consultation update. Our skin definitely changes dramatically with the seasonal weather changes, so now is a great time to replenish your antioxidant serums, sunblocks and hydrating moisturizing creams and masks. We are all getting in that last vacation before summer comes to a close and with the traveling and weather differences our skin can become very unbalanced. It’s always offered year round at Bergamos Retreat and a great service to schedule your consultation and let one of our experienced Expert Estheticians make sure you’re using the right home care products and then get you in the proper facial treatment.  We offer several wonderful facial treatments to further enhance your beauty regimen at home along with using professional, result driven products that target your skins needs during our summer months.   We have an array of Facials that help to detox the skin, speed cell turnover,banishing  blemishes, increasing hydration, calming inflammation.  We recommend that if it’s been three months or longer since you’ve had a facial to schedule an eighty minute balancing treatment. This facial will do everything for your skin mentioned above and give you a great new starting point in the care of your skin.  Enjoy your summer and remember when caring for your delicate facial skin, repair skincare at night and protective products in the morning! Hope to see you soon, Donna Savelle

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
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